Submitting the Assessment of Training (AoT) in time is mandatory to become eligible to appear in the MRCOG Part 3 exam.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for MRCOG 1

Here are some useful tips and tricks for students preparing for MRCOG Part 1.

How long have you been preparing for your MRCOG? In fact, that question itself is not relevant. Wondering why? Because the proper preparation begins once you understand the right way of practice!

So before reaching all those points, we advise you to have an overall understanding of RCOG and MRCOG exams.

Let’s start with RCOG….

The RCOG is a non-profit membership organization with more than 12,000 members worldwide. The RCOG’s main objectives include providing training and continuing professional development for obstetricians and gynecologists, as well as other health professionals working in the field of women’s health, and establishing clinical guidelines to create quality standards. The College also offers a diploma examination for general practitioners.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is an unparalleled and most entrusted name for medical aspirants and professionals. It is a group of doctors who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. The exam is divided into three sections:

Part 1 of the MRCOG exam is a written test. It assesses basic and clinical sciences pertinent to the subject.

Part 2 of the MRCOG is a written exam that assesses knowledge application.

Part 3 of the MRCOG curriculum is a stand-alone clinical skills exam (OSCE) that evaluates candidates’ ability to apply key clinical skills in the context of the competencies as outlined in Part 2 of the curriculum.

Let’s speak more about MRCOG – Part 1

As most of you are aware, MRCOG Part 1 is a written exam that assesses basic and clinical sciences that are related to the subject. If you are applying for the first time you must get your eligibility verified.

Eligibility and booking are the two stages of the Part 1 exam application process. Before you may make an online booking application, you must first have your eligibility application completed and approved. You do not need to reapply if your eligibility has already been approved. However, you must use the same RCOG account that was used to verify your eligibility.

Let’s prepare for MRCOG Part 1!

The best preparations always begins with a crystal clear idea in mind about what you want to achieve. First of all, speaking about the most popular medical exam MRCOG, it’s always the basic details and information that you must keep in your mind.

And then comes the preparation strategies you need to follow:

  • Systematic Planning : This is the very basic step you must do. As the famous quote reads “Well begun is half done“, good planning always gives you the best head start. Allow enough time for each topic and go through it thoroughly. Please don’t undervalue the material in the syllabus. For a complete picture, go through everything step by step.
  • Way of Approach: You can prepare for the MRCOG exam in a variety of ways. You can study on your own if you are confident enough. Or you can join a coaching program, or learn online opting for any duration courses according to your skills and abilities.
  • Group study plans: Even if you are preparing it online, you can join so many study groups and sometimes at FREE of cost to get the most out of your exposure to like-minded people who share a shared aim. This practice will enable you to gain new and intriguing perspectives on OB-GYN and the entire community.
  • REVISION: This is the most important and effective way to prepare. And this is a must-do step in your preparation.

Finally, have confidence in yourself and give your best efforts in your exams.

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