MRCOG Part 3 Exam: What Should I Take Care With My Gadgets While Attending The Exam? Most Useful IT Tips to Follow

MRCOG Part 3 Exam is the final one in your MRCOG journey and so students often get tensed and worried over a number of things. As this Part 3 MRCOG exam is conducted virtually, students need to be well-equipped with gadgets and a powerful internet connection. Here, this article discusses the most useful IT tips every student should follow for uninterrupted flow of exam.

Though rare, there are many incidents where students could not complete their exams due to some technical issues or issues related to their gadgets. How well you prepare your gadgets is also important in completing your exam without any trouble.

5 Most Valuable IT Tips for MRCOG Exam:

  • Keep Your Laptop Fully Charged
  • No iPads, Mobiles, Tablets would work
  • Wi-Fi with a strong Broadband Connection
  • Backup Broadband connection
  • Steady Headphones

1. Keep Your Laptop Fully Charged

It’s always advisable to use fully charged laptop while you are having a screening or exams. This will make you more comfortable to attend the exam stress free. If you try to plug the charger in between your screening, it will affect your screen presence which is something you do not want to happen.

2. No iPads, Mobiles, Tablets Would Work

We all know that iPads, Mobiles, and Tablets are more convenient to use than having a big screen laptop. But in case while having the virtual exam it’s better to have a laptop or desktop. Because when we are attending the virtual part 3 MRCOG exam, having small screen presentation is not good for getting proper attention to you. Instead if you are using a big screen presence it’s perfect. That is why it is recommended having a big-screen laptop or desktop for virtual exams than having the iPads, Tablets or Mobiles.

3. Wi-Fi with A Broadband Connection

Having a strong and fast Wi-Fi with a broadband connection is recommended. Its speed is many times faster than the dialup connection will help you download the pictures, files, software in seconds or minutes. Secondly, being a virtual exam having a faster broadband connection is also a must as it is required to avoid buffering or other network issues.

4. Backup for the Broadband

If you are doing backup for your broadband, it have some benefits which is as follow.

  • Uninterrupted access which allows to virtually eliminating the instances of internet interruptions making for a successful accomplishment of important, high-level transactions.
  • With extra security feature backup broadband provides safety connections, network for highly important data and transactions. Also ensures continuity in case of unannounced network maintenance.
  • Provides immediate solution for downtime as backup internet automatically goes live the moment the main data connection goes down
  • Data safety which protects the data against loss by ensuring safe storage and making regular backups of your data.

5. Steady Headphones

Make sure your headphones are properly connected to the system that you are using for the virtual exam. Always check your headphone mikes are working good and keep them closer to your mouth in a manner others can hear your talk.

Follow all these most useful IT tips for undisturbed flow of exam and qualify for MRCOG Part 3 Exam !

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