MRCOG Part 3 Exam: 5 Most Useful Tips and Things to Take Care While Writing the Exam

As you are about to take the MRCOG Part 3 Exam which is conducted virtually, here are the most 5 useful tips and things to take care. MRCOG 3 Exam is the final lapse of the MRCOG dream journey and one needs to finish it in style.

One of the most common mistakes that every student makes is cramming things hours before the exam. But that’s not the right thing at all. One need to focus on what they have studied and a good revision of what you’ve studied is more important and better compared to learn new chapters or modules which you have not touched yet.

Here are the most useful tips for writing MRCOG Part 3 Exam.

  • Good Screen Presence

Every student should relax and have a strong screen presence in a manner you get their attention easily. No one should think or get tensed too much. You should keep their focus and attention onto you.

  • Be Confident

You should make or feel sure of yourself and your abilities. Make you feel secure rather than insecure. Confidence is an inner knowledge which tells you that you are capable of doing anything.

  • Show Appropriate Expression

Relaxed & Calm expression of a person can influence effective communication through his/her feelings and views. So make proper expression while you are on the screen.

  • Be Ready To Type

Sit tight, be active and be ready to type the important notes while they are giving you the tips. Understand and Clarify what you are learning & thinking.

  • Have a Confident Body Posture

Feel free to talk to a person who is asking you the question. Be confident in your each talk. Also maintain your eye contact with them and face those people directly.

Following are some more things to take care while writing the MRCOG Part 3 exam:

  • Close your eyes take a deep breath & relax. Refresh your mind before the exam.
  • Read the instructions & manual properly.
  • Make sure you check the questions and answer them accurately.
  • Try to avoid over stress while writing the exam.
  • Don’t rush; instead take your advantage over the allotted time.

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