MRCP: Get To Know in Detail the Entry Requirements for The Examinations

Every candidate who is contemplating MRCP must have a qualification accepted by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK. The qualification must be from an institution awarding primary medical degrees. If MRCP(UK) is unable to verify an institution, it will consult the World Health Organisation Directory of Medical Schools.

If the qualification does not figure in that list, the application will be rejected. However, if it is recognized by the General Medical Council (GMC) or if the applicant is registered with the GMC the application may be eligible for acceptance.

Candidates With Constrained Practise

Candidates who have been removed from the GMC register owing to issues regarding fitness to practice will not be allowed entry to any MRCP exam . In addition, those who are suspended from practice by the GMC or their employer will not be permitted for the exam.

Candidates who have received any warnings, interim orders or conditions on their practice from the GMC or their employer must divulge this information to MRCP(UK) central office. Their entry will depend on the discretion of the MRCP(UK) Medical Director.

Candidates are expected to submit the Form of Faith for election to membership. They should later declare if they have been suspended by the GMC or their employer. Removal from GMC register and submission to warnings, interim orders, undertakings or conditions on their practice should also be informed.

If candidates are registered with the GMC, they must include their GMC number along with the application. Failure to declare conditions, warnings or suspension will invite penalties that are defined in the MRCP(UK) Code of Conduct and Misconduct Regulations.

To make a declaration, the candidates must submit the MRCP(UK) and Specialty Certificate Candidate Declaration Form. Candidates should reveal why the condition, or the undertaking has been imposed.

The decision whether a candidate is permitted to take the examination is communicated within two weeks from the exam date the information was received.

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