How do I apply for the MRCPCH Exam ? 

MRCPCH stands for Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. This membership is awarded by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). If you are a medical aspirant looking to build your career in paediatrics and child health, then the MRCPCH exam opens the door to numerous opportunities.

Application process

Create an online account with RCPCH number, making sure that your name and other details are enter accurately.

Register for the exams
Complete the registration form
Review the declarations and read the exam rules and regulations
Submit your application

It usually takes up to 10 days to process a registration. The applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis before the closing date.

MRCPCH Exam format

There are three theory examinations and one clinical exam. Theory exams can be taken in any order. These computer based exams usually conducts thrice a year.
MRCPCH Theory exams
 FOP (Foundation of Practice), tests basic clinical knowledge in paediatrics.
 TAS (Theory and Science), tests the science behind paediatric practice.
FOP and TAS are held on the same day, in the morning and afternoon respectively.
AKP (Applied Knowledge in Practice) consists of two tests with questions featuring clinical scenarios.

Once you have successfully completed the 3 theory examinations, then you are eligible to appear for the MRCPCH Clinical examination. Please note that you have to pass the Clinical exam within 7 years of passing the final theory exam.

The MRCPCH Clinical exam

Clinical exam consists of 12 scenarios or stations, each with at least one examiner to assess the performance of candidates. The assessment is to test candidate’s skills in a variety of areas, including history-taking, examination, diagnosis, and management. The exam aims to test a candidate’s knowledge in child health and paediatrics, and the level of professional conduct and other soft skills that are necessary to perform and excel in such a role.

There are numerous benefits to achieving an MRCPCH certification. It’s the key to opening various opportunities in your country and abroad. If you are an aspirant preparing for the MRCPCH qualification, get an in-depth idea of the Application Process, Exam format and fees. All the best.

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