How to prepare for the Part 1 PLAB Exam?

To build your career in the UK, you must qualify for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Exam or PLAB Exam. Here we are discussing on how to prepare for Part 1 PLAB Exam.

Are you a medical aspirant looking to build your medical career in the UK and have medical qualification from other countries? Then you must qualify for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Exam or PLAB Exam.

The exam aims to test the medical aptitude of the candidate, which must meet the requirements of the UK’s health and medical system. Many of you may have doubts regarding the PLAB 1 exam preparation. Here we are discussing the preparation strategies to pass the PLAB Part 1 exam.

The PLAB exam consists of two parts. PLAB 1 is a written test in MCQ format that consists of 180 questions. The candidate must answer the questions within 3 hours. The aspirants who want to take the PLAB Part 2 exam must have qualified for PLAB Part 1.

PLAB 2 consists of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) with 18 clinical stations. PLAB 1 is mainly designed to test the knowledge of the candidate. Even though the PLAB 1 exam is considered the smaller of the two, many of the aspirants find it a bigger challenge than PLAB 2.

Refer to the GMC website and download the PLAB blueprint

Firstly, refer to the GMC website and download the PLAB blueprint. The blueprint is available in both Excel and PDF forms. This blueprint helps the candidate understand the focus area of the exam. All the topics and skills that you need to cover should be marked, and you should try to plan your preparation accordingly.

Prepare a Time schedule

 Prepare a plan in such a way that you can cover the entire topic. A lack of planning will spoil your preparation. When you know the date of your PLAB 1 exam, split it into how many days, weeks, and months are left.

Allow some extra time for the subject where improvement is needed. An effective timetable and time management will help the medical aspirants clear the Part 1 exam more easily.

Question Banks

Question banks play a major part in your preparation. Mark the questions you think need revision. No matter how strong your theory part is, you should practice as many question banks as you can. Solving question banks will increase your speed and accuracy.

It is not how many questions you finish, but the quality of the feedback and what you take from each one that counts. There are question banks and free materials everywhere. Choose the best ones that are appropriate for your preparation.

Mock Tests

Without taking the test, you cannot assess how well you will be able to do on the main exam. Mock tests help the candidate understand the status of preparation. Mock tests also help to create an idea about time management.  

Remember, it’s hard work and dedication that give good results. Stay focused and work more, you will be able to achieve it.

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