MRCPI OBG 2 OSCE: Booking Window Closing Soon for May 2023 Exam; Important Points to Take Note

MRCPI OBG 2 OSCE: Booking Window Closing Soon for May 2023 Exam; Important Points to Take Note

Are you a candidate still waiting to book your seat for the MRCPI OBG II OSCE May 2023 examination?  Here is an important update from RCPI.  Read on to know all the important points to take note of while booking your seats.

The upcoming MRCPI OBG 2 OSCE May 2023 examination is the final doorway for aspiring physicians to become proud members of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.  

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland has confirmed the closing date for the May 2023 MRCPI OSCE examination. As per the new update published by RCPI, the booking window for the OSCE examination is set to close on April 5. 

How to book your slots?

All applications need to be submitted online via an application form. Since the candidates have already provided the necessary details while applying for the MRCPI Part 2 OBG examination. So, there is no documentation required for individuals applying for the MRCPI OSCE clinical examination. 

Important Points to Remember

  • Don’t wait for last minute booking.

As the booking window is set to close on 5 April 2023, the candidates should secure a place in the examination before the deadline. Being an internationally recognized benchmark of career excellence as a physician, this examination is highly in demand, and limited in availability. 

So, candidates should book their seats early to avoid disappointment. Late applications will not be accepted by the RCPI. Remember to submit the application on time.

  • Understand Exam Requirements

First, candidates should develop a thorough understanding of the examination regulations and guidelines. Check the official RCPI website and understand the dress code, documentation requirements, and station rotation procedures.

  • Review the examination pattern

The candidates should carefully review the examination format and requirements on a priority basis. MRCPI OBG Part 2 OSCE is an OSCE exam where the competency of the aspirants is assessed through various clinical skills.

The candidate should learn and understand the behaviour of examiners and lay examiners.  Review the examination format, including the number of stations, time allocation, and assessment criteria. 

  • Begin Your Preparation 

The MRCPI OSCE is a challenging and rigorous examination that requires thorough preparation and practice. Candidates should develop a study plan that includes a balance of clinical practice and revision. StudyMEDIC offers various short- and long-term courses to help you with your exam preparation. 

With adequate preparation, support, and a positive attitude, candidates can approach the MRCPI OSCE with confidence and succeed in their medical careers. Ensure your seats and be prepared for the examination by choosing the right courses.

All the best for your exams!

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