Useful tips to crack FMGE in one month

How to Crack FMGE in One Month? Useful Tips and Tricks

Foreign Medical Graduates Exam or FMGE remains one of the toughest exams for medical aspirants. Here are some useful tips and tricks for you to clear the exam easily.

Foreign Medical Graduates Exam or popularly known as FMGE is the sole entrance examination for candidates who have completed their MBBS abroad, to work as a medical professional in India.

The exam, conducted by National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), is known for its difficulty and hence remains one of the toughest exams to crack. It always seems impossible for you until it is done. If you are curious about how to clear FMGE in a month, you need to have a strong idea about the exam pattern and strategies we have to implement.

To help you score well and pass in the FMGE 2023 exams, we have listed some useful tips and tricks that you should follow during your preparation. You may have a look at all these techniques and practices and go through one by one to the last.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Begin with a strong idea about the FMGE Exam pattern. You must have an idea about how the exam is conducted, the total number of questions, the sections, the scoring system, and the question type. There are 300 questions on the online exam. The candidate should have at least 150 points which is possible only with strong determination and hard work.

Make a Timetable

You should make a timetable that you can follow and stick to it. The timetable should be made in such a way that each topic gets a fixed time for preparation. For that, the candidate should know the importance and weightage of each topic. Decide how much time we have to allot for each one. Ensure that the syllabus is covered.

Read Books

Quality matters more than quantity. The number of books you read doesn’t increase your chances of success in FMGE. Following too many books will only create confusion and difficulties in completing your syllabus in one month. Choose the best books and study materials available. Try to sort and assemble the books primarily based on the syllabus. Try to solve as many sample papers and question bank books as possible.

Attend Mock Tests

Mock tests and previous year’s question papers are your guiding Light. Tests will help you by letting you know your areas for improvement and level of preparation. It will help the candidate have a strong insight into the examination. Mock tests give the candidates real-time feedback about time management, too.

Revision Plays Vital Role

Proper revision is another mandatory factor for clearing the FMGE Exam. Allocate time for daily and weekly revisions. Make short notes and highlight the important points that you can revise easily. Give extra time for the topics in which improvement is needed. Mark the weak areas, then Revise, Repeat and relearn.

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks and Rest!

Proper rest is also important for the body. So, don’t forget to take study breaks.  Avoid long study hours. Small breaks after 45–60 minutes of study can improve your productivity.  Make sure you get adequate sleep and follow a good diet. It will help you grab things quickly, and you will also remain healthy.

Remember, if you badly want something, you will be able to achieve it.

All the best for your exam.

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